Vacation Rentals Versus Hotel Rooms

Vacation rental homes are a growing market place for vacationers and travelers. Once you discover the benefits of staying in a vacation rental as opposed to a hotel room, it will undoubtedly become the preferred accommodation for you and your family. You’ll see that stretching your vacation dollar is as satisfying as stretching out by your own private pool.

Paying for a hotel room may be good for a few days and a few people, but what happens when you want to stay longer and have more guests than what a single hotel room can fit? How about when you are planning family reunions, parties or holidays? Most hotels only allow a small number of people to each room, so when you have a large or extended family, you need more rooms. And that adds up fast.

A vacation home provides many conveniences and amenities that a hotel room simply can’t. Firstly, space. Sure you love your friends and family but, let’s face it, everyone needs a little elbow room and time to themselves. Nothing is more uncomfortable than tripping over each other (and each other’s luggage) while stuffed into a small space. Proximity is another consideration. At a hotel, you are not always guaranteed rooms that are close to each other, and that requires more time planning where and when to meet. At a vacation villa, you are all together under one roof, but with plenty of room to unwind and do your own thing.

One fantastic way to save a small fortune—and a load of time—is to cook at home. You can’t make a home-cooked meal in your hotel room but imagine the feasts you can prepare and serve in your private vacation home, outfitted with a fully-equipped kitchen and a spacious dining room. Shop once for the week and you’re done or, have your kitchen stocked before you even arrive.

When the family wants to cool off and relax outdoors, step out into your own private backyard and hop into your sparkling pool without worries that you’ve left your towel or sunscreen back in the room. Think of the luxury of your private bathroom. Or allowing the kids to watch their favorite movies in the den while the adults relax with cold beverages and each other’s company in the nearby living room. Do your laundry at your leisure. Come and go as you please without reception interfering. Your rental car is safe inside your garage rather than in a vast parking lot that you paid extra to use. Plus, most vacation home resorts offer access to golf courses, pools, tennis courts, restaurants and spas…all just steps from your front door.

When it comes to comfort, peace and privacy, many people are finding that their best option, both comfort- and money-wise, is to rent a privately owned vacation rental home, villa or condo where the entire family will experience a sense of togetherness but will also have space of their own to breathe.