The Best Oyster Bar at Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island Oyster Bar

An Authentic Atmosphere

For those of you who love oysters, Anna Maria Island will provide you with the authentic atmosphere only a true beach community can provide. From a lazy afternoon until the sun sets, many find themselves snacking and drinking their way through pleasant conversation while forgetting there is such a thing as time. Who keeps track? 

Wearing flip-flops with sand in-between your toes while listening to the waves break against the pier only adds to the flavor of the chilled oysters brought to your table along with champagne. Let’s raise a toast to nothing in particular – just enjoy a perfect moment with good food, drinks, and company. 

So where are we? 

Oyster Bar on the Pier

This bar is casual and kid-friendly and offers outdoor seating by the water. While the atmosphere is laid back and easy, the food is prepared and served with class. Besides raw, steamed, stewed, and fried oysters, you can find all sorts of mouth-watering dishes, especially if you love seafood. Calamari, crab, lobster, coconut shrimp, clam chowder, seafood gumbo, tuna, mussels, and for those of you who prefer “Things that Don’t Swim,” you can find chicken favorites, ribs, pasta, and steak. On the pier menu, you’ll find burgers, Fish & Chips, sandwiches, and so much more. There are several things on their menus for everyone to love. 

Anna Maria Oyster Bar sits right on the Bradenton Historic Pier a couple of blocks south of the Cortez Bridge. The Restaurant & Bar aim is for everyone to have fun, guests as well as employees, so bring a good mood and leave even happier. 

Did you know, Anna Maria Oyster Bar has three additional restaurants in the nearby area? Landslide O-Bar across the Sarasota Bay from Long Boat Key, Cortez O-Bar, just a bit inland in Bradenton if you continue east on the Cortez Bridge, and Ellenton O-Bar by the Manatee River just past Bradenton. You can find all locations on their website along with 360deg walkthroughs.

Why Anna Maria Island? 

The Anna Maria Oyster Bar in the Pier stands in testament to how local gems are surviving 2020 by offering what others don’t. The Restaurant can rely on its well earned good reputation accumulated over the years. The island itself is a perfect place to vacation when you’re looking to get away from crowds and just enjoy the beach off-season. Vacation Rentals are very affordable, so why not give yourself an upgrade this year? The Florida summer often continues well into November and December. Give 2020 another chance! Or, shoot for a new sunny beginning in 2021.