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Some think about a dreamy Florida Keys vacation in the sun with an tropical drink and nothing to do but relax. To others, it means a rush of adrenaline with a trophy fish on the line or diving to new depths on a sunken ship.The name the Florida Keys comes from the Spanish word cayo, or island. Spanning at 112 miles long is a chain of islands that begin at the base of Southern Florida peninsula’s tip. You can reach the islands via different transportation such as by air, by land and by water. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. The Keys are naturally surrounded by some of the freshest water in the world. The islands are also home to the main living Coral Reef in the Continental United States.

The Keys have this island vibe combined with a Mardi Gras mood. The population is quite diverse, the island natives also are known as the “Conchs” and they truly have learned to mingle with visitors from all around the world to visit their island. The beach life is very minimal due to the fact that the coral reef is still alive preventing miles of the sands from arriving.

The best season to go is between mid-December and mid-April as the weather is ideal as it is hot but not too hot. During the summer is the second best season to go as most families and Europeans visit at this time. The weather in the Keys is much cooler than the mainland. It also rains significantly less in the Keys. There are three sections that the Keys are broken up into. It is divided into three sections the upper, middle, and lower Keys. Every section has it’s own flavor and style. Florida Vacation Homes welcomes you to the diverse beauty that is called the Keys.

The Key are comprised of five unique destinations:

  1. Key West
  2. Lower Keys
  3. Marathon
  4. Islamorada
  5. Key Largo